Our Story - New

Our Story - New

Hi there,

I am Nilesh Karani. I am the CEO of KING'S. KING'S was started by my father in 1965 in Dubai.

We believe in each of us is unique. We have our custom-sized hopes and dreams. Each of us has our own style choices, favorite colors, books, hobbies, music choices, and friends. We all bring our unique gifts and talents to the world and provide new perspectives with our thoughts, work, and communication. 


KINGS in 1965

I was born in 1966 in India. I have spent the majority of my life in Dubai. Growing up in the 60s and 70s was fascinating. As a child, these are early exposure to fashion and trends.

As a child, it was a treat to watch my parents get ready for a party. My dad would take his suit out, his shirt freshly pressed. He was particular about his collar, a contrasting tie, a tie bar, and cuff links. He would ensure that his belt and watch strap match the tone with his shoes. 

An early observation that is etched in memory when dad would polish his shoes over the weekend. Dad would take his shoe care kit out, and all of us (I and my brothers) would surround him to watch the spectacle.

The wrapping of the cotton shami over his fingers to apply polish on his shoes in a circular motion was carefully watched by us. The application of a bit of breath to moisten the toe cap for better absorption of polish created curiosity. He would explain to us why he did, what he did. He would end the ritual by buffing the shoes with a horsehair brush till the toes of the shoes shined and gleamed light.

Shoe cleaning

Caring for watches, ironing clothes, laundering suits, polishing your shoes regularly, and having a balanced wardrobe were some habits picked up from dad and grandad. 

As time went on, in the late 90s, the production of classic leather-soled shoes disappeared from the market. Mass-produced shoes in imitation leather and rubber soles were everywhere. They were much cheaper to produce and were substandard.

At King's, we want to revive the classic styling of shoes and clothing. We want to bring back robustness and quality in our product range. For that, our products are manufactured in small batches to ensure the quality of intact. 

We take pride in providing unique experiences to our customers. Our products line are as follows:

  • Custom Shoes: Customers can design their shoes on our website. These are made in Spain using traditional shoe-making construction methods. 
  • Socks: We provide cotton and lycra socks with silver infused in them for bacteria and odor control. 
  • Belts: We also have track belts which are different from conventional belts with holes. These belts have a track running on the inside of the belt. The track provides a macro-adjusting locking mechanism with the buckle. 
  • Limited Edition Shoes: We also have over 20 Limited Edition Shoes with predesigned motifs, which are Made-To-Order.
  • Limited Edition Pocket Squares: We are proud to have a collection of Limited Edition Pocket Squares. These are rare, and each a Masterpiece. These are produced in small batches of 10 to 20 pieces only. Each design is unique and has a story associated with it. 
  • Foot Cream: We have formulated a foot cream which Curing, Hydrating, and Stimulating. With all-natural ingredients, it's the best thing for your feet.

We are inspired by the entrepreneurs, the risk takers, the renegades, the adventurers who are forging new paths. They set standards that bring in new perspectives.They influence a new breed of outliers who want to break free from norms. We do what we do for these kind of people. 

We believe differences set us apart, and the world needs to see you in your real avatar.

 Be Different.

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