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“Shoes divide men into three classes. Some men wear their father’s shoes. They make no decisions of their own. Some are unthinkingly shod by the crowd. The strong man is his own cobbler. He insists on making his own choices. He walks in his own shoes.”— S. D. Gordon

Handmade Shoes for Men - Online Shoe Shop in UAE

A gentleman ensure that the little details are always taken care of, whether it be in a hand-shake, his tone and choice of words, or his wardrobe, a detail that could be easily disregarded by the many, will be the secret but significant signal to few who also define themselves by that same code and conduct. Buy handmade shoes online that defines what a man stands for.

We at King’s serve men who care about how they look and the impression they create on others.

We have men’s shoe store in Dubai in the Bur Dubai inthe Old Market in the vicinity of the Dubai Museum. You can buy handmade leather shoes from classic Oxfords and Derby’s to the sophisticated Monk Straps and the sharp Loafers in Leather and Suede. We also have an online shoe shop by the name where we accept Cash on Delivery.

Our range consists of brogues, plain toes, cap toes, wingtips and penny, tassel and butterfly loafers to give a reasonable variety in leather and in suede options. The sole also consists of the finest leather from Argentina. Now you can online shop leather shoes.

We also provide the service of making custom shoes for you. You have a choice of the 4 types i.e. The Oxford, the Derby, the Monk-Strap and the Loafer. Currently, you need to visit our store in Dubai enable us to make your choice of Shoe type, Shoe Style as well as the material and colors you prefer. A custom shoe typically takes us 4-6 weeks in the making as it is especially handmade by our cobbler who has been passed the shoemaking skills down a generation. You will soon be able to order them custom online.

Bespoke Shoes

In recent years, buying shoes online has become very popular. Some may be skeptical about buying shoes for men UAE online; however, with our easy returns policy, you may place orders worry free. To help you further; in Dubai, you may visit our store, try the size for the style you want and subsequently place a custom shoe order.

For that matter, even if you try shoes at the store, you might not find some that fit because, at the end of the day, all that matters are, its shape, the size, and whether it works for your foot or not.

We are all different

We, humans, are a disproportionate mixture. For example, my right foot is larger than my left foot and right shoulder is a bit lower than my left one and because of that, my shirt sleeves have different lengths. The same goes for your face, and for your feet and our hands. The left side is unlike like the right one. The only way to resolve this anomaly be that every man out there gets a pair of bespoke shoes. We can make bespoke shoes for you. Visit our store and check our offers on bespoke shoes.

Made By You, For You, To You.

Check out our men shoes in Dubai collection for variety and choice. browse the handmade leather shoes online.

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