Handmade Oxford Shoes 

What Makes an Oxford?

First of all, it may seem obvious but an Oxford is a shoe with laces, unlike the Monk Strap Shoes or Chelsea boot. Secondly, an Oxford shoe has a closed lace system vs. the open lace system of a Derby shoe. But what exactly does that mean? Here are the basics of an Oxford.
The Oxford dress shoe is one every man should have in his closet. They are versatile, they can work on almost all formal occasions. They are perfect to wear under suits or fitted denim and many other such combinations. If one is being wholly choosy, then one should normally describe the Oxford as a strictly formal shoe, however in modern times and subsequent experimentation with colour combinations and more casual leathers such as suede, the Oxford has gained more popularity as a slightly less formal shoe, so this style really is as versatile as well as being the quintessential dress shoe and it is different from Derby Shoes.
The Oxford is defined by its close quarters, it has a vamp and ankle which is exposed. Typically the eyelets in an Oxford are 5, however, some of the American makers have 6 eyelets. You could get one with or without a cap toe and with or without a brogue design depending on the look you want.

Types of Oxfords we offer are:

Plain Toe Oxford:

 As the name suggests, the plain Oxford basically consists of the quarter and the vamp, all it lacks is a cap-toe. This design is the simplest out of all the oxfords and usually is made in patent leather so that it can compliment when worn under a tuxedo.
The recommended pair to purchase is a full black leather or patent leather which will be perfect for black collar events or a casual evening wear.


The name whole cut comes from the way the shoe is cut from 1 entire piece of leather. Commonly, it has just one center seam in the back and it's very popular these days. The design has a closed lacing structure and this along with the single leather construction gives it a very clean and sleek look. The only problem with the whole cut is that if it's made out of a ready to wear shoe leather oftentimes, it wrinkles more easily than any other Oxford design only because it's one piece of leather that is shaped to your last so keep that in mind when you invest in one.

Wingtip Oxford / Brogue:

This design of the Oxford has a pointed cap-toe which have extensions which are called wings. These wings are of 2 types; 1st which is a long wingtip called because the wing extends all the way to that back of the shoe, 2nd is a regular wing tip where the wing ends somewhere in the middle bottom of the shoe. The wing looks like an ‘M’ or ‘W’ on the shoe depending on the point of view.
The wingtips can be designed with one or 2 different colors and different leathers, for example, a leather and suede combination with black leather and blue suede. This can be customized to your liking and taste with a large variety of colors available.
Wing tips are not the kinds of shoes that are worn as formals or evening wear rather they are more casual, and look best with fitted denim and casual suits.
We have a store in Dubai, where we sell a variety of Handcrafted Oxford shoes. We can custom make Oxford shoes as per your liking with a choice of leather and/or suede. We bet you will have a unique experience with our Handmade Oxford shoes in UAE.
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