Getting bored with Black and Brown Laces only. Here is an array of colourful, shoe-laces to perk-up your shoe collection. Mix and Match and experiment with lace colours your shoes and you will be pleasantly surprised how many compliments you will get.

Be bright, be bold and be honest.


  • 75cm (30in) in length from end to end
  • Traditional waxed cotton (dress shoelaces)
  • Can be steam-ironed flat again once they have lost their shape
  • Good for 3-5 eyelets (can be used in 2 eyelet shoes, but they hang over a bit; not recommended for 6 or more eyelets)
  • Stay knotted better than round laces do
  • Black, Brown, Burgundy, Navy and Burnt Orange are 3mm wide. The rest of the colours are 4mm wide.

Flat Waxed Shoe Laces