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100 Hands Button Down Chambray Shirt with Japanese Dot collar

100 Hands Handcrafted Shirts By Kings Traders

For over 50 years in the UAE, KING'S has been synonymous with delivering high-quality products at reasonable prices. The brand consistently offers 'value for money' investments to its patrons. Committed to the core ethos of traditional craftsmanship, KING'S preserves the meticulous, slow handcrafting processes that employ skilled artisans and maintain the high-quality standards often lost in modern mass production.

In the intricate world of luxury menswear, where craftsmanship whispers tales of tradition, and fabric weaves stories of elegance, the partnership between '100 Hands' and King's emerges as a beacon of sartorial excellence. This collaboration, rooted in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and extending its craftsmanship to Amritsar, India, represents a unique fusion of handcrafted luxury and the unparalleled skill of Indian artisans, a testament to the universal language of quality and finesse.


100 Hands Mens Shirts in Dubai by Kings Traders

High Quality Shirt Fabrics: The Essence of Quality

At the outset, the journey of each shirt begins with the canvas—the choice of fabric. Sourcing from Europe's most esteemed mills such as Alumo, Thomas Mason, Canclini, Carlo Riva, Monti, and Sictess, 100 Hands ensure that every piece is a celebration of the best in textile artistry. These fabrics are not just materials; they are the soul of the shirt, embodying an ethos of heritage, classic styling, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Alumo fabrics Monti fabrics Canclini fabrics Thomas Mason fabrics Sictess fabrics




Thomas Mason



The Challenge of Perfection: Crafting the Best Shirts

The challenge was to make the best shirt in the world. This lofty ambition ignited a spark of creativity and set the stage for a revolution in shirt-making. With this great power came great responsibility. Thus, '100 Hands' was conceived with a mission to enhance every detail of a shirt's quality, making each one second to none.

The craftsmanship of precision: Shirts Handcut & Assembled with Finesse

In the hands of the master tailors at 100 Hands, each shirt transforms from a piece of fabric into a wearable work of art. The commitment to handcrafting precision is evident in every stitch, a dedication that elevates these garments to masterpieces. Each shirt is an ensemble of over 25 components, hand-cut and assembled with a finesse that machines cannot replicate. This meticulous craftsmanship includes:

  • Intricate Hand Sewing: Every stitch done by skilled artisans exemplifies artistry using intricate embroidery techniques into a marvel of nearly invisible stitches.
  • Precision in Cutting: Ensuring patterns align perfectly, especially for striped or plaid designs, making sure all lines and checks meet seamlessly at the seams.
  • Luxurious Buttons: 100 Hands is known for using high-quality materials in all aspects of their shirt making, including the buttons.They often use buttons made from mother-of-pearl, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and luxurious. Mother-of-pearl buttons are a preferred choice for high-end shirtmakers due to their natural sheen and resistance to wear, adding a touch of elegance to each garment.
  • Buttonholes: Each buttonhole is crafted with nearly invisible stitches over 40 minutes, complemented by luxurious materials like mother-of-pearl for the buttons.
  • Collars and Cuffs: Collars and cuffs are designed to maintain their form and function, ensuring comfort and style with adjustable and reinforced features.

Modern Legacy: A New Era of Shirt Fashion

The legacy of 100 Hands and King's is carried forward by those who don them—individuals who appreciate the finesse in their style and recognize the value of investing in quality. The modern adaptation of these shirts is seen in the urban landscape, where style meets substance, and tradition blends seamlessly with contemporary fashion.

A Commitment to Excellence and Ethical Practices

With headquarters in Amsterdam and production in Amritsar—a city celebrated for its sacred golden temple—100 Hands and King's not only celebrate the art of shirtmaking but also emphasize ethical manufacturing practices. The skilled artisans in India, working in conditions audited by Fair Wear, exemplify the rich heritage of embroidery and craftsmanship, bringing each garment to life with care and precision.

Investing in a Lifestyle: 100 Hands Shirts

Choosing a shirt by 100 Hands and King's is more than a mere addition to a wardrobe—it's an investment in a lifestyle that values opulence, culture, and the small details that define true luxury. These shirts are not just garments; they are a reflection of personal values, a nod to those who understand that the devil truly is in the details.

In the narrative of luxury menswear, 100 Hands and King's stand as custodians of craftsmanship, quality, and ethical production. Their shirts, each a masterpiece, invite you to partake in a legacy of artistry that speaks volumes in the silence of impeccable taste. Join us in celebrating the dedication, heritage, and skill that go into creating not just shirts, but enduring symbols of elegance and refinement.

Nillesh Karani, Director at Kings Traders

Nillesh Karani

Director at KING'S


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