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The loafer, the dress shoe of dreams for men who like a dash of savoir-faire whilst indolently enjoying the good life, from the country club to the boardroom. Initially, the loafer was considered to be a casual summer footwear item but with time it made its way through to the formal footwear category because adding a formal touch to the casual handmade men's loafers made it a more practical choice and extremely stylish.

The loafer was invented a long time back as a slip on shoe that fishermen used on their boats and they were called boat shoes. It was designed first in Norway and was called ‘Weejun’ i.e the short for Norwegian. In 1930 The style was created by American Shoe Manufacturer Bass and co. It was one of the style trends in the late 30s that become very popular and it used to be worn with a loosely tailored suit and this combination had become a trend. The brand Gucci refined the look and added a metal strap to the top part of the shoe in the 1960s and by that time they were suited as acceptable dress business wear.

The types of loafers:

Penny Loafers:

This style had a has a diamond shaped leather strap on the top of the shoe which is sized enough to keep a penny. These have been in fashion since the 1950s.


This is a very simple style which has a small decorative lace with tassels on the top of the shoe.


This design is made with two interwoven leather strips resulting in a shape similar to that of a butterfly’s wings on the top of the shoe.


A pair of Belgian loafers is an essential pair as they look simple with no external design the simplest out of all but feel the best.
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