100 Hands - The Art of the Shirt

100 Hands - The Art of the Shirt

There is a relatively small section of people who appreciate real art. They appreciate cuisines, fine wines, gourmet products and handcrafted luxury. However, there is a section of connoisseurs who beg to differ. They go for the finer things in life with an artistic appeal and are far apart from what the market offers.

At KING'S, we have always strived to bring high-quality products to our community. And our observation is that quality can be achieved when production is in small batches. Small batches allow time and details to bring excellence into the production process.

A few companies out there raise the bar to strive for brilliance in what they do. 100 Hands is one such enterprise that has remade the shirtmaking market. Their speciality is to gather luxury sartorial fabrics from Europe, the USA and Japan and make one shirt at a time using inherited Indian handcrafting techniques.

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As we expand our horizons into the sartorial path, we wanted to offer our customers something so unique, so different, that it would be surreal. We are proud to announce our collaboration with 100 Hands. 100 Hands is an Amsterdam based shirt company with a production house in Amritsar, India. They are rated amongst the best shirtmakers in the world.

 Handwork has been an essential part of Indian garment production for over centuries. 100 Hands takes pride in making an utterly handcrafted shirt. Focusing on the production value in making every shirt, they make a limited number of shirts in a year.

The name 100 Hands stems from the laborious shirtmaking process, which passes through 50 artisans to complete. Each shirt takes about 35 hours to make. It's not just making a hand-cut and hand-stitched shirt; each part is carefully matched to achieve seamlessness. The hand stitching work is about 50% more than the best shirts in the market. Adorned with mother-of-pearl buttons are from Australia. Imported German threads for a near-perfect stitch, each shirt element is dedicatedly selected to provide the most practical experience.

Each 100 Hands shirt has these aesthetic elements that set them apart. A process of hand-matching patterns makes the part seamless. The sleeves and arm-hole are hand-sewn and appropriately sized to achieve strength, durability and mobility. The shirt buttons are hand-enforced for sturdiness. There 25 stitches per inch are sewn, leading to significant joints appearing indistinguishable.

Each buttonhole is carefully embroidered, which is a meticulous process that takes 45 minutes. The collars and cuffs are hand-sewn and hand-fused. The rolling of the shirt ends is manually done with precision with no loose ends.

They have been referred through word-of-mouth by people and to people who appreciate finesse, craftsmanship and spirit. 100 Hands has been a bit shy in marketing; nevertheless, their resultant product has stirred in the sartorial world. Today they have emerged as one of the most sought-after shirtmakers globally. Celebrities, musicians, influencers, people in power positions, and affluent personages are amongst their clientele who appreciate their kind of top-notch quality.

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