A Radical 2023

A Radical 2023

There can be many reasons why people struggle to commit to their goals, including a lack of motivation, a lack of a clear plan or strategy, and external distractions or obligations. It can also be challenging to stay committed to goals that do not align with a person's values or priorities.

To increase the chances of committing to your goals, it can be helpful to make them specific and measurable, establish a clear plan, and enlist the support of friends or a mentor.

Radical Change

One method that has worked for me for which I have trained myself to use over failing for many years, is to use the following method:

  • Set a goal that is reasonably difficult to achieve
  • Put a deadline to achieve it
  • Identify the action you need to take NOW to move towards the goal
  • Identify the frequency of the action that is required to be done
  • Identify the dates or days and time or place where the action is to be executed
  • Most important of all is identify a current habit of your which is NOT serving you and exclude it from your life.

Over time I have realized that till we don't eliminate the actions that don't serve us, we are trapped in the vicious circle of habits that hinder our ability to achieve even the simplest goals which are practically effortless.

Try it with one goal and see the effectiveness of this technique. Soon you will find yourself with new goals that you are achieving without much effort. Moreover you will learn that you can achieve your goals without much effort, as new habits and a radical mindset will lead you to roads less travelled. 

Be tough on yourself. Don't do things you have been doing, as you will get results that you have been getting. Here I remember Jim Rohn's quote 'For things to Change, I have to Change.'

Wishing you the very best for the New Year.



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