Dressing up in 2022

Dressing up in 2022

Let the New Year see an upgraded self. Why? When you consciously and deliberately do things, they happen. Planning your time and budget for 2022 to learn about the mindset, investments, growth, fitness, and self-presentation leading to change.

In this blog, I will focus on self-presentation and expression. It may be challenging to comprehend that external change leads to an internal change. For example, having a faster stride in your walk makes you appear to be more purposeful & confident than just strolling. Being mindful of this aspect of external change affects how you feel internally. Living a life of being mindful and aware; can change the course of your year and eventually your life. Let that be your 2022.

One of the first things to do is to be above average. You will find yourself in the minority who live a different life by this virtue. They live a purposeful life and have an undying curiosity to learn about bettering themselves every day in every way.

Dressing up is a ritual; it's a practice to be assured and attractive. An essential factor for dressing up is expression. The way you carry yourself (body language), the combination of clothing, the accessories you select, your choice of colour, the fit etc., summarize you.


Man in Brown SuitLady in a suitMan in Grey Suit

Appropriate design, tailored fits, proper proportions, superior fabrics, custom-made shoes will go a long way in improving your presentation. Careful selection of watches, socks, ties for men; right accessories, jewellery, neckwear, headwear etc., for women is vital. They need to fit the occasion and the prevalent look that you present. They become good conversation starters as well.

Lady in classic topMan with cycleLady in spaghetti top

Fine clothing will last longer, and you will end up using them for years with you looking great in them. Stick to Classic styles will ensure they stay relevant in coming times. You will end up mixing and matching your wardrobe and your collection betters with time. Make a statement.

Indian ManIndian Woman

Fitness will be an essential part of dressing up. You will be watchful of what you eat and when you eat. These lead to a more confident and attractive person you become. These changes will affect your self-esteem, performance and inspire others around you to better themselves.

Man in Brown Lady in Blue Casual Man

Dressing up helps you weed out friends who don't love you for you. If they have a problem with how you dress, they're not the kind of friends you want around. Look better, feel better, do better in 2022.

All the best.

images courtesy: thesartorialist and pinterest
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