Feel A Bounce Of Overall Appearance With Double Monk Strap Shoes

Feel A Bounce Of Overall Appearance With Double Monk Strap Shoes

July 23, 2018

Feel A Bounce Of Overall Appearance With Double Monk Strap Shoes

The Monk Straps (single or double) have come back into the limelight as they provide a different with a rebellious and a modern outlook to one's appearance.

Of late, the Double Monk Strap shoes have sprung up everywhere. Every brand and shoemaker today is offering some Double Monkstrap options in their collection.

However, there is a different charm and pride in double monk strap shoes which are custom made. In my experience with making shoes for my clients, I see some of them taking a chance and making some bold choices.

Talking about bold, see the image below; it's is a Single Monkstrap Captoe which was requested by a client in Croc Loden (Dark Green). It's striking and stands out in the crowd.

My client wore it with a mid-grey suit and a matching green tie and a pocket square making it look like a total package. Moreover, I have received orders for two more pairs of the same model from his friends.

Imagine this, a double monk strap shoes in Burgundy leather with a brogue captoe. It may be an unusual request but an interesting one.

See the above image of a Handmade Custom Burgundy Double Monkstarp shoe was a delight to unwrap. I was impressed with the result, and so was my client. During his trial, my client was wearing dark grey trousers, and the Burgundy Monk Straps aesthetically complemented his overall appearance. He just loved the way; it made him feel more than it made him look. He suddenly had the edge over others with his unique creation and the fact that no one else owned such a pair in the world.

I have had some sharp yet elegant models in Double Monkstraps made by some customers in Suede. Let me have your thoughts on these. You can buy handmade shoes online and other monks shoes from my website on www.kingstraders.com.

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