Express Yourself through Stencil Art

Express Yourself through Stencil Art

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.”
Sigmund Freud

Although we have freedom of expression, there are limited ways and methods at our disposal. At King's, we are always thinking of ways to enable our visitors to create footwear that reflects them in the appropriate image for the occasion.
Bring out the Bad Boy, the Hero, the Rebel, or everyday Patriotism; you can bring them in your expression by a new feature on our Sneakers.

We take pride in announcing the launch of Stencil Art on Sneakers. 

What is the Stencil Art?

Stenciling is a technique for reproducing designs by passing ink or paint over holes cut in cardboard or metal onto the surface to decorate. 

This handmade technique is carried out pair by pair in our facilities by the same artisans in charge of the hand made patina finishing. 

Each shoe piece is hand-painted with special paints developed for this purpose employing templates created by our dynamic teams.

Stencil Illustration

Choose from dozens of graffiti designs and patterns, and seamlessly design your style. 

We now have an enhanced 3D Interface to allow graffiti masters to get creative with their sneakers. 

The 3 Categories of Stencil

We offer three categories of Stencils: Sticker

The Sticker is a simple design placed individually in a shoe piece:



Background is a repetitive pattern, which is applied to the whole shoe piece:


And finally, the Camo is a particular type of repetitive background made out of multiple layers. 


We have multitudes of colors that can be used to enhance your customization. 

Available Motifs & Colors

We have compiled dozens of stencil designs and patterns. These are free for you to start designing sneakers with stencil art.

You will be able to apply these patterns individually on each separate shoe piece, and also customize the colors.

Shoe parts I Shoe Parts II

Stencil Art Studio

We developed a new interface for the Stencil Art feature. First, look for the 'Stencil Studio' under the 'Select Category' menu and choose one of the available shoe styles.

Stencil Option

Alternatively, we have also added a menu option 'Stencil Art' in the 'Select Style' option for the Sneakers on which this feature is available.

Stencil Menu option


Styles & Materials

Stencils Art is currently available over a variety of calf leathers, including Box Calf, Painted Calf, Painted Full Grain, and Painted Pebble Grain. 

At the moment, stencil art is only available for the Sneakers collection (Men & Women); however, we plan on extending this to other shoe styles in the future.

Stencil Art Sneaker

Do you need your design on the Sneaker?

If you are a club, restaurant, or owner of any place where your logo or establishment design is your pride; then why not have your team members wear them on their sneakers. We can make a custom stencil as per your design and make sneakers for your entire team.

Contact me on to discuss this option in detail.


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