Ladies - New Shoes, New Rules

Ladies - New Shoes, New Rules

I often get asked by the ladies of the men who visit our store to get some luxury custom shoes; 'why did you not think of us?'

Well, we have had you on mind all the while but wanted to ensure that we have something remarkable to offer you for customization along with myriad of choices. 

You have been such an inspiration to us to get a whole new range of 'Luxury Ladies Couture collection.'

Ladies do not like being perceived to be copying or imitating another. So here you chance to define yourself with your style, colours and that ultimate look you want with that attire. 

There are no rules to this game. The rules are your rules, the game is yours to win. See some of the shoes we have created for you to perk your imagination:

Model Black heels Red Heels White
Black Alligator Blue Cuban Flats
Black Modified Red Patent Green Heels

Currently, we have 6 heel styles (
Florence, Milan, Genoa, Bologna, Venice & Naples) and 3 flat styles (Rome, Padua & Turin).

Ladies Shoes Designing

Heels can be ordered in two different heel heights: 3 inches (7cm) or 4 inches (10cm). Also, you can choose between two heel styles: Bottier (sleek silhouette) and Cuban (wider).

Additionally, you can choose between a variety of accessories for the vamp like: Butterfly Lace, Vamp Strap, Coin, Bow and Oval.

Ladies models

Now be a unique as you can be. Create something that inspires others. You now have the tools and the intention to 'Be Different' and lead the way.

Get ready for one of your most daring ventures.

Click here to get started.


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