Summer Suits & Shoes

Summer Suits & Shoes

July 28, 2019

Summer Suits & Shoes

We love wearing suits as their impeccable impression is precisely the image that you want to create while meeting a client or an associate for the first time. However, summertime has its challenges to carry oneself in Dubai's heat and being presentable by the time you show up for your meeting.

To get the best direction in this regard, I met up with Kamlesh Ramchandani, CEO, and founder of M2M, The House of Bespoke Tailoring, on his pick for the summer of 2019.

Kamlesh describes this season for high-quality linen and cotton suits. Light grey, beige, and light blue are the colors that will keep you relatively fresh and appear ready for any meeting. He highly recommends England Huddersfield Cotton and Linens are from Italy, which are ideal for suitings. As for the styles of the suits, Kamlesh swears by the Classic two buttons suit as they never go out of style. These fabrics and colors are well-worn with Blue loafers or mid-brown suede Oxfords.

Light Grey Linen

image courtesy - Gentlemens Lounge

Kamlesh also recommends and has seen a rise of the Double Breasted suit this season. A slightly wide peak lapel can beautifully create a contour of a broad chest and a narrow waist, making one look sharp and stylish. Modern Belgian Monk Sneakers or Penny Loafers can be combined to complete the look.

Blue Double Breasted Suit

image courtesy - Gentlemens Lounge

As for me, my preferred summer suit is a soft tailored double-breasted, made with a blend of Linen, Silk, and Wool. This type of fabric doesn't crease so quickly, thanks to its weight, and the older it gets, the less wrinkle-prone it becomes.

Double Breasted Summer Suitimage courtesy - Suitsupply

There's a story of an Italian nobleman who had a summer ritual of getting seven linen suits each season, one for every day of the week. They were washed and pressed by his attendant after a day's wear. Subsequently, they were discarded at the end of the season. We needn't be quite so wicked with our summer collection, but, indeed, suits like this require similarly light and airy footwear.

Linen suit at wedding

image courtesy - Gentlemens Lounge

Expecting that all reading this article are going to wear a linen or cotton suit this season may be unconscionable. Summer business dress wear requires for lightweight high-twist wool suits cut in Fresco or tropical worsted, often with soft shoulders, minimal canvassing, and a half or no lining.

In general, recommended footwear should be in Blue or Brown, Ice colors in suede or fabric for almost every type of shoe these days, because of the breathability of the material. In summer it has the additional advantage that it seems to absorb dust, especially the very light colors of fabric or suede.

Loafers in Fabric

At King's, we enable you to design your pair of Loafers, Slippers, or Trainers with fabric or canvas uppers which can be designed in our MADE TO ORDER, in the Men's Slipper and Casual sections. 

For a better understanding of designing your own shoes; here are some images of shoes fashioned by a few customers:

Belgian Loafer Sneakers Belgian Loafer in Velvet Plain Belgian Loafer with Embroidery
Belgian Loafer in Twead Double Monk Loafer Sneaker Double Monk Slippers

Nilesh Karani

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