Summertime is loafer time

Summertime is loafer time

It's May, and summer is at the doorstep, and it is officially the season of loafers. Within the past couple of years, the slip-on dress shoe and other casual slip-on's have carved out its path in the exciting world of contemporary menswear. With the advent of versatile new styles, the loafer and it's modern adaptations have gone from the prepster's footwear of choice to a style embraced by the well-poised gentlemen all over.

With the ability to design your loafers casuals, we start the season off with a plethora of choices. The designs below are custom and can be mixed and matched with leather, suede, fabric on the upper and leather, rubber, crepe, and Vibrum running soles.

 Tassel Loafers in Suede

This is a classic Tassel Loafer in Camel Suede with Brown leather tassels and a leather sole. Versatile for all casual occasions. Perfect for the assemblage of the smart modern wardrobe.

Penny and Bit Loafers

For the more prudent gentleman with a flair of style can pull off a Black and White Penny loafer in the most subtle yet prominent. The burgundy bit loafer heightens the decorative element of the shoe and enhances the wearer's urbane nature.

The contemporary man knows his way around the modern twist in loafer fused with a cup sole. Here are some Custom designed Belgian loafers sneakers:

Belgian Loafers

To get started with designing your loafers, you can head to the 'DESIGN SHOES' option on our website. For formal loafers Select 'Men's Formal' > 'Loafer' and select the appropriate construction and design elements that you would like in your shoe.

For the off-beat loafer, select 'Men's Casual' > 'Monk Sneaker' or 'Belgian Sneaker' according to your taste. 

An important tip, to change the decoration on the shoe from Tassels to Bits or Mask or Bow, use the 'PRODUCT OPTIONS' tab in the interface.

Loafer decoration options

The custom shoes take between 4-6 weeks to be delivered. We are experiencing a slight delay in production due to Covid-19 but our production is still on and we are serving our customers.

Should you have any questions or queries regarding the design process or options, please feel free to reach out to me on


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