Round Shoelaces 

Shoelaces are very old and have been around since shoes first existed. They have always had 1 main function which was to make your footwear comfortably fitted while wearing them. Since decades very few changes have been made to laces, only recently they can be used to change the look and style of your shoes because changing laces isn't a hard process and it's very cheap compared to buying another color/style shoe.

Our shoes have high quality waxed cotton shoe laces which go the best with dress shoes. The length of the laces is 80cm which is perfect because it fits in 2,3,4,5 or 6 eyelets and fills up the shoe and also has extra lace for you to tie them without them looking too big or too small.

At King's, we offer you a variety of colored laces to choose from. Our collections of shoelaces compliment the look of your shoe and create a one of a kind shoe. You can shop shoes for men UAE and shoelaces both online right along when your order your brand new pair with us or you can pick them up from our store in Dubai.