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Limited Edition - Cuba

Limited Edition - Cuba

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If you want to take a step back into automotive time, you need to go to Cuba. Anyone lucky enough to visit Cuba knows how it is a rolling car museum. Everywhere you look, an old-school American brand vehicle. Havana, famous for its brightly colored buildings, only adds to the picturesque tropical beaches and greenery, genuinely reflecting its medieval Spanish influence. In 2019, Havana celebrated 500 years on the map.

Once a premier Caribbean hang-out for all things notorious, Havana exudes vintage charm with crumbling buildings and bustling streets. In the city's ancient heart, streets are narrow and cramped, but this only adds to its quirky charm. One thing is always guaranteed through – salsa music.

Home to unique architecture, Havana does not fail to attract tourists and historians with the most extensive collection of Cuban art globally, offering a unique perspective of Cuban life through the eyes of its artists.

Our Collector's Edition Pocket square captures Old Havana depicting real Cuban life!

Material: Silk/Wool Blend (Hermes quality)

Size: 31cm x 31cm

Made in Italy

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