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Limited Edition - Humming Birds

Limited Edition - Humming Birds

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Hummingbirds have hypnotized humans since time immemorial. The tiny creatures have a cult following, with many people placing feeders with bright red nectar in their yards to catch a glimpse of them whizzing by. Hummingbirds, usually small in size, in between three and five inches in length, have a long, narrow beak for extracting nectar from flowers. Their feathers are frequently iridescent colors and range from brown to blue, green, purple, red, and pink.

They can fly both forwards and backward and flap their wings anywhere from 12-80 beats per second! These extremely fast wingbeats are where hummingbirds get their name. When flying, hummingbirds flap so quickly that their wings make a humming sound. The sound is very high frequency and just audible to humans.

Their beauty leaves us enthralled, and you can now brighten your look with this colorful Limited Edition Pocket Squares.

Material: Silk/Wool Blend (Hermes quality)

Size: 31cm x 31cm

Made in Italy

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