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Coffee Brown with Burnt Orange Stripe Luxury Socks

Coffee Brown with Burnt Orange Stripe Luxury Socks

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Our Luxury Socks Collection are 

Experience unparalleled breathability through thoughtfully selected materials, enjoy a secure all-day fit with our ingenious design, and relish the smoothness of our seamlessly linked-toe finish.

Our classic patterns like Herringbone, Houndstooth, Birdseye, and Nailhead in men's socks are more than just fashion. They're a style statement, reflecting sophistication and personality. These timeless designs add flair to any outfit, elevating your appearance and making a lasting impression, all from the ground up.

Why Merino Wool Socks!
  • Silky-smooth and never itchy, these socks offer a luxurious embrace for your feet.
  • Experience unmatched durability that stands up to any adventure, keeping you cozy in the cold and cool in the heat.
  • Say goodbye to odors as our socks naturally resist sweat and bacteria. Embrace the natural wonder of Merino wool – your feet will thank you.
70% Fine Merino Wool
29% Nylon
1% Spandex

One Size Fits All (UK8-12/ EU42-46/ US7-US11)

Elevate your sock game today!

Type: Socks

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