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Shoe Trees (1 pair)

Shoe Trees (1 pair)

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Keeping your shoes fresh and longer lasting

When it comes to having a long life for your shoe using a shoe tree is very useful. It is very useful to keep the shape of the shoe intact so that once your foot is taken out it dries out correctly. It is the part of the shoe accessories.

Our shoe trees are made out of Cedar wood, which is the top of the line when it comes to protecting the leather and the stitching of the shoe. Cedarwood has the property to quickly absorbs moisture, acid, and salts, thereby reducing cracking and deterioration on the outer shoe and the sole.

When you take your shoes with you when you travel, usually the show packed in the bag gets pressed and changes the shape. So packing your shoes with a shoe tree in them helps to ensure that your shoe shape stays intact and look the best when you unpack and put your shoes on again.

You can buy shoe trees online from our online store with your pair of shoes in order to ensure your shoe is taken care of since day one. You can also pick shoe trees from our store in Dubai.

Type: Shoe Tree

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