Our Online Shoe Design Studio

Our Online Shoe Design Studio

At King's, we love adventure, we like taking risks, and we want to break the status quo. 

We are always looking for ways to provide our patrons with unique products and experiences. In 2018, we started with providing our customers with Custom shoe options. Our customers would select their Shoe Models, the leather (or Suede) colour or a combination of the two. They would have a choice of decorations from broguing to Tassels or Bits or adding rubber to the sole etc. We also provide services for hand-painted Patina shoes for the affluent gentleman. 

Our customers have loved the experience and have been coming back for more. 

This year, we wanted to enhance the entire shoe designing experience. We now have an online shoe designing studio on our website. The initial reaction by our customers is very welcoming and exhilarating. It's unique, interactive and gives you a new perspective on the result.

For an ideal experience of the process, visit our website using a tablet or a desktop. Go on to the SHOE STUDIO  section.  

The window displays menu options of Shoe categories on the left and the Models in those categories on the right. Upon selection of a Shoe category; the right side window displays the shoe models under it. 

Made to Order

 To begin with, you need to select a Shoe model under any category. The choices are aplenty:

  • Men's shoes
    • Oxford (in Blake or Goodyear construction)
    • Derby (in Blake or Goodyear construction)
    • Monkstraps (in Blake or Goodyear construction)
    • Loafers (in Blake or Goodyear construction)
    • Boots (in Blake or Goodyear construction)
    • Slippers
    • Sneakers
    • High Tops
    • Golf Shoes
  • Ladies shoes
    • Oxford (in Blake construction)
    • Derby (in Blake construction)
    • Monkstraps (in Blake construction)
    • Loafers (in Blake construction)
    • Boots (in Blake construction)
    • Slippers

On selection of some models above, you may be prompted to select the preferred Toe-Shape (mainly within dress shoes). 

 Shoe Toe Shapes

The Zurigo is a Classic Round Toe, for people who prefer some room at the Toe. The Monti is also a classic slightly square Toe shape. And the Savile, which is available for Goodyear welted shoes only, is a sleeker more chiseled toe-shape for a sharp expression. 

 Subsequently; the shoe studio window appears.

This display all the tools required for you to design your pair of shoes. The options are virtually endless. Nevertheless, here are some insights into the designing process. 

 On the left, you can see the real-time 3D rendering of the shoes with your selection. The right-hand side contains three tabs of sections namely

 The MATERIALS AND COLOURS tab displays varieties of leathers, suedes, fabrics, and colours within them. It also shows prints in sartorial materials. The PRODUCT OPTIONS tab displays choices of Toe decoration, Loafer decorations, and choices in Soles. 


This is your playground. The interface allows you to move the shoe in any direction to enable you to have a full view from top to bottom and front to back. Every aspect of the shoe is customizable here.

 Apart from the significant shoe parts like the toe-cap, the vamp, and the quarter; intricate details like:

  •  the back of the shoe
  • the metals on the eyelets
  • the buckle on the Monkstraps
  • the colour of the sole
  • the colour of the lining in the shoe
  •  even the shoelaces 

are customizable.

All these options can lead to more than 10 billion combinations in which one can make a shoe. Now that's a lot of combinations, and it can take endless permutations to keep tweaking and modifications.

Once you have finalised the design, complete the order by following the steps in the following video:


 After the order is placed, our elves get to work to create your design with perfection. The entire process takes about 4-6 weeks for personalization process. 

Thank you and Good Luck - Nilesh


Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better - Jim Rohn

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